Risk Statement

  • Hepton officially will not release any Decentralized Exchange project because all projects are developed by the community. So Hepton is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by these projects. Also, Hepton does not serve customer service for relevant projects.

  • Before any operations in the fields related to cryptocurrency or DeFi, please first do your own research.

  • All users and developers can build the dApp in the Hepton PoS testnet and then the mainnet in the follow-up for free.

  • Please distinguish the test environment (the testnet) from the main network environment (the mainnet). The assets generated in the test environment do not have value, so please be careful against cryptocurrency fraud.

  • Hepton Labs will announce authorization, promotion, and other cooperation through its official social network, please kindly check the official information and avoid phishing sites.

  • Please make sure that you are visiting the official website to avoid the loss of your private key and don't connect your wallet to any site without proper research on that particular site

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