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When you start Hepton Explorer, it displays the transactions on the network by default. You can also use the explorer to view data for a local network running in your environment or a custom RPC endpoint URL. Use the drop-down menu at the top-right of the page to choose a different network.

Finding your Transaction

You can search for the transactions using an address, object ID, or transaction ID. For example, you can search for your wallet address to confirm a transaction or view additional details about a transaction you’ve approved. See MetaMask Guide to learn how to create a wallet for Hepton PoS.

To search for a transaction made using the Hepton PoS

  1. Open your MetaMask Wallet.

  2. Click the clipboard icon to copy your wallet address.

  3. Open the Hepton Explorer.

  4. Select the tokens tab if it is not currently selected.

  5. In the search field, paste your wallet address and then press Enter.

The Explorer displays the Address details page for your wallet address. You should see the same transaction in sender'ser that you see in your wallet history. Click on a transaction to view the details for it.


  • Time - The time at which the transaction occurred.

  • Type - The type of transaction, one of Call, TransferHTE, TransferObject, or Publish.

    • Call - A transaction that calls a move module. For Call transactions, the table includes only the sender address.

    • TransferHTE - A transaction to transfer HTE from one address to another.

    • Publish - A transaction to publish a package.

    • Batched - A batch of transactions.

  • Transaction ID - The unique identifier for the transaction. Click the clipboard icon to copy the ID. Click a value in the Transaction ID column to display the details about the transaction.

  • Addresses - The addresses of the sender and receivers for the transaction. You can click on an address for additional details and transactions made using the address.

  • Amount - The number of coins and coin type used for the transaction.

  • Gas - the amount of HTE used to pay for the gas required to complete the transaction.

The Transactions table on the page includes the following columns:

Transaction table columns#

The Transactions page lists all transactions on the network including pending transactions. You can display 20 or more rows of transactions per page. Use the drop-down near the bottom-right corner of the page to change the number of rows displayed per page. Use the page selector icons at the bottom of the page to view more transactions.

Address details

The Address details page lets you view details about a specific address, including assets owned by the address and transactions that interacted with the address.

The Address details page includes the following fields:

  • Balance - The balance amount of the network gas/coin HTE

  • Tokens - List of tokens owned and their aggregated balance by coin type. Click on the down arrow to view additional details about address owned token

  • Transactions - Click to view more detailed information about each transaction.

  • Transfers - Number of transfers from/to this address

  • Gas Used - Total gas has been used by the address

  • Last Balance Update - Block height in which this address was last updated

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