Fixed Cap ERC-20

Create a Fixed-cap AssetFixed-cap assets are fungible tokens for which the supply is determined at the time of asset creation. No additional quantities can be generated afterwards.

Create the Asset

1. Write the token smart contract

GitHubExtension of ERC20 that adds a cap to the supply of tokens. This contract is designed to be unopinionated, allowing developers to access the internal functions in ERC20 (such as _mint) and expose them as external functions in the way they prefer. On the other hand, ERC20 Presets (such as ERC20PresetMinterPauser) are designed using opinionated patterns to provide developers with ready-to-use, deployable contracts.


Fixed-cap Assets

  • constructor(cap)

  • cap()

  • _beforeTokenTransfer(from, to, amount)


  • name()

  • symbol()

  • decimals()

  • totalSupply()

  • balanceOf(account)

  • transfer(recipient, amount)

  • allowance(owner, spender)

  • approve(spender, amount)

  • transferFrom(sender, recipient, amount)

  • increaseAllowance(spender, addedValue)

  • decreaseAllowance(spender, subtractedValue)

  • _transfer(sender, recipient, amount)

  • _mint(account, amount)

  • _burn(account, amount)

  • _approve(owner, spender, amount)

  • _setupDecimals(decimals_)

2. Compile your code into bytecode

3. Deploy your Fixed-cap Asset by sending your code in a transaction to the Fantom network

4. Navigate to the explorer to check that your token has been created

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