Note: This page is still under development and will finished after the launch of the PoS Mainnet. Please expect some modifications of info during that period.

Understanding Ethereum PoW merged with Beacon Chain PoS

Ethereum PoW as the execution layer has been merged with the consensus layer based PoS model known as Beacon chain. This merge has made Ethereum fully run on a Proof-Of-Stake network and reduced 99.95% of electricity consumption to run this network. Even after this merged, Ethereum still faced a scalability issue and did not reduce transactional costs on the network. The existence of Hepton PoS as an additional execution layer is to solve this issue.

Sidechain to Ethereum

As the Sidechain to Ethereum, Hepton PoS is fully compatible with the technology of Ethereum and connected with the Layer-1 through Two-Way Pegged Model. Tokens deployed on Ethereum have different contract-address and contract codes from the ones deployed on Hepton PoS. It is connected through a 1:1 pegged model through the network bridge.

Diagram 2 shows how a token is pegged between Hepton PoS (Sidechain) and Ethereum (Layer-1).

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