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Tokenomics and Unlocking Schedule

Market researchers can do their own due diligence and calculations referring to this vesting based on the sheet format: VESTING & UNLOCKING CALCULATIONS


Strategic Round

150,750 USD (Early Stage) This is the combination of the amount raised from the Co-Founders' Paid-Up capital and Angel/VCs investment

SEED Round A

975,000 USD (Market Stage) This is our target raise for Hepton PoS mainnet before we launch Hepton PoS in our Market Stage period

Seed Round B

975,000 USD (Growth Stage) This is our target raise for Hepton ZK-STANDRA mainnet before we launch Hepton ZK-STANDRA in our Growth Stage period

Public Sale

450,000 USD (Early Stage) This is our target raise with Launchpad partners during our Token Launch Event. 25% will be unlocked on TGE and 75% will be vested in a linear of 12 Months

Note: HTE is an ERC20 token. Its vesting schedules are controlled by the included vesting contract. Each vesting schedule is a tuple, that holds the following:

  • Amount

  • Cliff Duration

  • Start

  • End

  • Number of Payments

Token Utilities (HTE)

HTE is a native token for the Hepton PoS (Ethereum Sidechain) as well as a governance token for DAO on ZK-STANDRA a layer-2 for Ethereum based on ZK-Rollup technology. The design of utility usage of HTE is the collateral for a sustainable future and adoption of HTE.


On the Hepton PoS network, the term "Gas" refers to a unit of measurement for the amount of computational power required to carry out particular activities on the network. Hepton PoS transactions have a cost since they demand computational resources. To complete an Hepton PoS transaction, HTE as gas is required.


Hepton PoS is an open-source network where everyone can be a validator to secure and validate transactions inside the Hepton PoS. The community can stake on validators to get a portion of rewards allocated by the validators on the network.

Transfer of Value

HTE can transfer value between two parties in a peer-to-peer mechanism.

Bridge Liquidity

For anyone who interacts with a multi-chain network, HTE can be used to transfer assets between two different blockchain networks or can be swapped into another gas token in another blockchain.

Governance Token

In Hepton STANDRA, HTE (ZK-HTE) will be used as the governance token of Hepton DAO inside the network. Any DAO members are able to cast their vote on any improvement proposal for the Hepton STANDRA network.

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