Roadmap Details


  • Website Launch - The official website for Hepton that consisting a set of information related to the commercialization of Hepton.

  • Testnet Launch - Hepton PoS Testnet will be available for public access (

  • Alpha Mainnet Test - Open for internal developers, partners, auditors, and third-party developers to access.


  • Deploying Pegged Token - Deploy HTE-Pegged on Ethereum and Arbitrum for funding round purposes while testing the ERC-20 pegged token on Hepton PoS.

  • Private Sale - Conducting Private Funding from Institutional and Angel investors.

  • Public Sale - Conducting Public Funding through IDO and SHO.

  • IEO - Conducting another round of funding through IEO.


  • Project launch - HTE will be launched on both Centralize Exchange and Decentralize Exchange.

  • Validators Calling - Promote Hepton PoS to validators entity and partnered with node service providers i.e Omnia Protocol, Alchemy, and Infura.

  • Mainnet Launch - Launch our mainnet (beta) and open a liquidity bridge from Ethereum and Arbitrum to Hepton PoS.

  • Grant Program - Conducting a grant program for promoting Hepton PoS to innovators and developers.

  • ZK-Rollup Project Paper - We will publish the Hepton STANDRA first version of lightpaper.

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