Hepton is a Layer3 infrastructure project that focuses on the Ethereum Interoperability network and multichain future.
Hepton is a Layer-3 infrastructure project built by Hepton Labs that offered an interoperable blockchain network on top of Base Layer and Layer-2. Hepton comes with two different scaling layers which are Hepton PoS (Sidechain) and Hepton STANDRA (ZK-Rollup) while the HTE token will be the gas token inside the PoS chain and the DAO Governance token for the ZK-Rollup scaling layer.
Both of these two different layer models come with two different vision from Hepton Labs where Hepton PoS will set focus to be an execution layer of million startup Web3 projects while the Hepton STANDRA works as a layer-3 scaling solution for Ethereum on top of Hepton PoS and act as the token canal or the off-chain solutions of major ERC standard.
As the sidechain, Hepton PoS will be connected to the Ethereum L1 through a two-way pegged model bridge secure by the PoS external validator of the PoS chain while there is no Plasma Scaling Solution (Plasma-Bridge) offered on Hepton PoS due to network flexibility concerns. On the other hand, Hepton PoS is fully compatible with the existing technology feature of Ethereum and was a self-sovereign network secured by Proof-Of-Stake consensus mechanisms. The network offered a user-friendly transaction cost through the implementations of Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1559 (EIP-1559). Hepton PoS is compatible with communities, developers, and institutions to kick-start their Web3 journey.
Hepton STANDRA is Hepton’s layer-2 solution to scale and solve the Ethereum scalability trilemma through a ZK-Rollup technology. It is fully compatible with EVM and can onboard up to 10,000 tx per batch (roll-up) off the Ethereum mainnet. The integration of ZK-STARK as the verifier makes Hepton STANDRA more secure and more transparent compared to the existing layer with the SNARK-Rollup verifier. It is fully compatible with any users or institutions such as exchanges to store their asset reserve (ZK-Proof-Of-Reserve).
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